J.S.C ICT MCQ Question Solution 2019

JSC bangla Question Answer
JSC ICT Question Answer
JSC ICT Exam Question Solution 2019 is published. All MCQ answer was given :

JSC ICT Exam MCQ Question Dhaka Board Answer 2019: Dhaka Board

1. B
2. B
3. C
4. A
5. D
6. C
7. C
8. B
9. B
10. D
11. B
12. A
13. D
14. C
15. B
16. B
17. D
18. B
19. A
20. C
21. C
22. A
23. C
24. D
25. C

We collect the question papers of all the JSC ICT exam boards at the end of the exam, and a skilled teacher carefully handles their complete solution. We are trying to give the correct answer, yet we are human, no one is wrong. If it is reasonable to be false, then forgiveness will look good if it is wrong, and if you know the correct answer, then, of course, you will provide the number in the comment box below. Many good wishes to all, I wish you all the best of luck in this test.

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